Society for Conservation Biology

A Globalized Approach

The Society for Conservation Biology is dedicated to facilitating, promoting, and advancing the scientific study and conservation of biological diversity. While our historical roots were founded in the field of biology, we recognize that conservation in today’s complex world requires a globalized approach that maximizes collaboration amongst professionals from all fields.

We envision a world where people understand, value, and conserve the diversity of life on Earth and where a globally diverse, equitable, and inclusive community of professionals, students, organizations, and supporters, serves as a leading voice for the scientific study and conservation of Earth’s biological diversity.

The Society for Conservation Biology holds these beliefs:

  • There is intrinsic value in the natural diversity of organisms, the complexity of ecological systems, and the resilience created by evolutionary processes
  • Human-caused extinctions and the destruction and loss of function of natural ecosystems are unacceptable.
  • Maintaining and restoring biological diversity are individual and collective responsibilities of humans.
  • Science is critical for understanding how the natural world operates and how human actions affect nature.
  • Collaboration among scientists, managers, policy-makers, and other stakeholders is vital to incorporate high-quality science into policies and management decisions affecting biological diversity.

Society for Conservation Biology
A global community of conservation professionals